Bot launcher chat, bricks and "best practice"

The article above is a guide to handing off your bot, to another bot. There are also bricks which are reusable parts of a bot (functions, I gues syou could say). These can be shared and there are also workarounds / solutions made available through bricks. 

So I guess my question, when and how do people determine if they need a new bot, add it to an existing bot, or create a brick.

So we will have various things in one of our bot, buying a gift card, requesting a quote. Now, should each of these be handled in one bot, or should we have multiple bots, each one a separate "menu" item and then use bricks to do some of the bigger logic?

Am I correct that you cannot test JS if you are on a sandbox account ✔️

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR WEB LANDBOTS - Not compatible with Whatsapp or Messenger

When testing Javascript be sure to use the 'Share URL' and not 'Preview'

So you can't "share URL" unless you are on a paid account? So I can't test the JS?

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Ooopsies, landbot's landbot is broken?!

I can't get this to work in Chrome, Firefox also trying Chrome in Incognito and cannot get it to work. I requested a call back last week and don't think I got it, so was trying to book a chat with the sales team.

Cannot see back button and no Calendar appears:


Block off screen, cannot edit. ✔️

I grabbed the Phone Validator Block but I am having problems editing it, because the list of country codes (an autocomplete block with a list of EVERY country) is so long it is off the screenI can't scroll down. No amount of zooming or key/mouse combinations help. Have tried Firefox and the Chrome.

(I actually want to add in a step before this country code, so I tried duplicating it, so I could then set a new first block, which then moves to the country select. When I move it, I cannot attach the default option to have it move on!)

Anyone know how to fix this?