Is it possible to have a "Mother Bot"? Solving the multiple languages issue.

So before launching Landbot in our company we wanted to know if it was possible to have automatic translations (we are open in many countries worldwide), but we got feedback that is was not possible for the type of bots we need. So basically what we do is we have a main chatbot where we add features and improvements to our customers but then we have to manually adapt all the duplicated bots and then translate it.

It would be amazing if there can be a mother bot, like a bot where all big changes happen and then the rest (duplicates) would depend on that bot, automatically updating themselves with the changes applied to the main bot, BUT without actually publishing the changes until we approve it. Basically being able to already have the new feature and then just go, translate it and when ready, click on "publish".ย 

Another great option, that I was told wasn't possible, would be to have a geolocalization feature that automatically translate everything :)ย 
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