Pre-fill variables via webhook? ✔️

Hello, iam working on a interactive game. I have created a webhook to airtable and added a simple login system (email and pin) with a point and level system. Is it possible to pre-fill the varibles via webhook depending of the logged in user? For example when user is logged in, the varible username will be filled automatic with "John" from the airtable via webhook. 

Different Font?✔️

How can I use a google font that is not listed within landbot? I need the font vt323 for my chatbot. Can I somehow overwrite the font via css?

Why only 20 Google fonts?

Please add all google fonts to Landbot. I am (for example) need the vt323 font. Is another way to add the font via script or CSS??

embed video? ✔️

Hello, how can I embed a video? When I add it to the block, its always showing up like this... 

Wait Routine?

Hello, for my interactive computer game which is running mainly on landbot and third parties I need a wait function. Is it possible to implement a "wait x seconds, minutes, hours, days" somehow?

I tried .js with the following but it did not work.

// Returns a Promise that resolves after "ms" Milliseconds
const timer = ms => new Promise(res => setTimeout(res, ms))

async function load () { // We need to wrap the loop into an async function for this to work
for (var i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
await timer(3000); // then the created Promise can be awaited