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best way to dynamically route users?

Hey all!

First - for the landbot team - this would all be easily done if we could use variables in the "jump to" block.Β  Just sayin'... πŸ™‚ Unless that's already possible???

The scenario:

We're designing a bot that creates a guided learning session based on customer input and interests.Β  We have airtable as the content and user database.Β  We have multiple decentralized "modules" for giving the users different content/experiences/etc.

Here's how I imagine the flow would ideally be: Β 

  1. Β user answer questions to design a 3-stage session
  2. answers are sent to integromat to handle the logic, pull content and return that content... along with 3 block reference values for the 3 "modules" to be used.
  3. at the appropriate points in the flow, use "jump to" block filled dynamically with the block references returned from integromat

The options I've thought of:

  1. Β I know conditions can do this, but it means all the possibilities need to be hard-coded. Β 
  2. JS+global keywords is another hard-coded solution... and a little cleaner ( EXCEPT I don't want the choice being returned as a message
  3. The one dynamic option I've found is this ( - but it seems silly to have to send a request outside of landbot each time the bot wants to know where to take the user next

What am I missing? What's the best way to do this?



Countdown timer with sound?

Hi all,

I've seen the countdown timer offered in the help articles, but I'm trying to do something more along these lines:

ο»Ώ ο»Ώ
I don't know the rules of browsers these days - but the logic for that extra button is in case browsers block the sound, thinking it's autoplay without user input.

Obviously, if there's a way around needing the extra button... or being able to use landbot's message buttons instead, that's fine with me.

FYI: I am not a javascript developer, so while I'm okay tweaking code, assume idiocy... πŸ™‚

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app builder + landbot... recommendations βœ”οΈ

Hey all - any recommendations on a low-code/no-code app builder that would support a full-page version of landbot? Β 

I see in the dev docs an example of using the sdk with react... so I guess hypothetically a react low-code/no-code builder might work... but which?

Just context... I have a MERN developer working with me, but as the product designer, I don't want to do straight custom code... otherwise I can't go in and play myself :)

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