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How to display Array data to Unordered List in Message?

I have an array named @memberships
[{"Level_ID" : 1111, "Level_Name" : "Course A"},
 {"Level_ID" : 2222, "Level_Name" : "Course B"}]

When I display array in message block
  • @memberships
    Shown as they are.
  • [{"Level_ID" : 1111, "Level_Name" : "Course A"},
     {"Level_ID" : 2222, "Level_Name" : "Course B"}
    I want to display like this. (Number of Array items are variable)
  • Course A
  • Course B

Of course I can use formula GetValue function like
@membership1 = GetValue(@memberships, 0, "Level_Name")
@membership2 = GetValue(@memberships, 1, "Level_Name")

and then use string variables in message.
  • @membership1
  • @membership2

But the Number of Array items are not fixed.
It can be 0, 1 or 10.

Using JavaScript code block would work?


Retrieve Subscriber data from ConvertKit to Bot Webhook, is it possible? ✔️

Finding user data from Google Spreadsheet is easy with native integration.

I want to retrieve subscriber data from ConvertKit via webhook, if possible.

① Send email variable data to Zapier (either Zapier block or Webhook block) (OK)
And then get subscriber data from convertKit with zapier find action. (OK)

② Used another webhook block to get data from Zapier.

③ POST Url : ?

④ GET Url : ?

Is this possible? And how?