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Landbot Updates | September 2021

Landbot Updates 👉  This last month we had some changes and improvements to the app. Let’s get into it! 🙌 ⬇️

1️⃣Shareable Bot Templates → Now it’s possible to share a Bot as a Template, allowing users outside your Landbot account to download the same bot flow into their own Accounts. Let me show you how.

2️⃣Bot Building Service → We launched a Bot building service for our Business plan customers that don’t have the time to build the bot themselves, where we design and build bots in-house for them under their ideas.

3️⃣New UI in the Zapier block → For those who use Zapier  frequently, you might have noticed that there has been some changes to the user interface. The block still works like before but now it will be faster and easier to set up your zaps.

4️⃣Domain Variables → Domain Variables allows you to switch between pre-production and production environments easily when using webhooks.

5️⃣New design templates → New design possibilities are now available inside the design section of your builder! 
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