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Facebook Testing Bug

Please assist. Am I the only person having issues with Facebook Testing because it won't let me select any of my Facebook Page to test OR assign any of the chatbots I've built.Β 

I posted on the community group page 21 days ago (today) asking for some kind of assistance or feedback.

Had an online meeting with Landbot yesterday (Monday 12) and was promised some kind of feedback but nothing still.Β 

How do I get in contact with IT/Support?
When will the Facebook Testing feature be resolved?

Please help.

WhatsApp Testing Help

Hi, anyone.

I'm trying to testΒ  WhatsApp chatbot I'm building. The WhatsApp tester seems to be working fine for an older bot I built but the one I'm working on today replies with a default message.

The bot I'm building.

The response.
Please help? What am I doing wrong?

Can't Find Java/Code Block

Hi, so I've followed the article https://help.landbot.io/article/zpw4d40brv-add-a-click-to-call-email-whats-app-button-bricks so I can add a Click-To Call feature (so the user calls direct) but I can't find any where I select the Java/Code Block, it's not showing up in the Bot Builder Menu or search. Help 😞 Tried resting my browser and machine.