Aaron Foster

CEO @ Savvy Brands

Feedback About This Community

Unfortunately, this community will never grow when there is no engagement by the Landbot team. There are lots of messages that have no likes and no comments by anyone from the team and it's been like 5-10 days. 

If this is going to remain the case, it would've been better just to stay in Facebook as there were hundreds more users in there to engage with and get ideas, answers, etc from. 

Sorry about the feedback, but I would love to see this turn-around in the early stages vs losing the community all together.

Anyone interested?

I was thinking it would be cool to see if there are any other Landbot users that would like to pool together our talents and get together virtually to build some fun bots occasionally that we can all use. 

For instance, today I am building a simple "Chat with Santa" bot that I can use in my business for both my clients as well as to lead generate other client leads. Depending on how much time I want to work on it, it may integrate with Twilio, Google Maps, etc. Most importantly it will just be a fun user experience for families.

Anyway, I thought I'd just throw this out there. I loved what the Landbot team built for Halloween and thought it would be fun to see if other users wanted to team up and build other cool things also that we can all use. 

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