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Hello !

I try to add a button always displayed when the bot is launched who will refresh the bot (like if you start the bot for the 1st time)

The particularity of my bot is :
I Have a main bot, this bot redirect the user to "sub-bot" with jumpTo

> I already tested Persistent menu with jumpTo, to the 'main bot' but it didn't work well

> I tested also a direct linkf from persistant menu to the "welcome" message of the 'main bot'

> and I tested also the "goodbye" block 

All these 3 options can't be used when you are in a sub bot, but I'm certain that we have a solution for that simple use case.

Maybe by adding a button with JS or something ?

Many thanks in advance

Back button always here

I'm using Landbot and It's the best tool I ever used from now.

I can see some little improvement that can be done here and there but, it's a udge tool, so thanks for the team !

Here an improvement, what I can see in our many test is sometimes people forget to link a block to another one (with button), the result in the front is that the user is blocked here, and the button BACK disapear.

So to continue the path, the user have to refresh the page, and restard the whole path 😢...

What can be done is :
  • Always display this BACK button (if the button BACK is set to display:Yes in the settings of the bot)
  • Add an error like "some path are not finished + button Go to block", when we save/publish the bot.

The 1st option should be mandatory :D

Here I forget to link the first button to next block in the UI :

Here in the Front, the user can't go to the next block, or the previous one :

Here I linked the button to a block, and I have the button BACK; this one should be always here

Many thanks, cheers ! 🍻
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Current domain to landbot variable✔️

Hello Bot Masters,

Is there a way to get the current URL of the website where the bot is, and store it as a landbot variable ?

I would like to build specific path in my bot depending where the bot is displayed.

(can't use URL variable, I need the main domain)

Thanks in advance