How to embed landbot on clickfunnels, highlevel, other page builder

Hey there, been a couple days fighting with the embed of landbot to other landing page builder. I want landbot as the solution for lead generation, and be able to scale it up with our 60x clients that I have right now.

Nothing but issues when trying to embed the landbot script to those page builder. The problem was the script was not loading fast, sometimes it required to tap on the phone or click on the screen in order for it to show up. Without those interaction the bot just appear to be blank page - which will hurt the conversion a lot.

Also the script are not consistently working since I have to use a different script to make the bot worked in embed in Clickfunnels.

I contacted landbot customer support to solve these issues because landbot positioned themselves as the alternative to typeform/jotform + ability to embed anywhere is what makes landbot so unique. But the only features I need is not working very well with other page builder. 

I found a workaround to embed the landbot and the script is nothing with what landbot offered on the Share settings.

and this is what working for me:

 <iframe width="100%" height="500px" src="yourlandbotURL" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; gyroscope" allowfullscreen></iframe> 

now the question is why the embed of landbot not using <iframe> for easier embed?