Marc Seymour  you're welcome if you find the answer I would like to know in case that the same happens to me. 
 Marc Seymour  I don't have an explanation for that bill increase but I can recommend you to talk with Support they should know why you have been charged more than expected or they can review your account to confirm if there was a problem or not
 Luis  I recommend you to use the WhatsApp testing channel that Landbot have for testing the bot, it's free, and it's helpful to test the before deployed it. I think that you can find it in their knowledge center. 
 Marc Seymour   what kind of issues are you facing? I've used the WhatsApp integration but I haven't see any issue, maybe I can help you. 
Hi  Steve  I think that they don't have that option, maybe you can use Zapier to do that, I found that zapier have this web: but the best option is contact LB support
Good job, but I agree with  Aysel Yılmaz  it's sad that we can't have more information far than March 
 Kudi  they don't have this feature yet but what helped me was using the click to call on my web bot 
 Chris  I used this blog article to understand better how to set a cart