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🎓 New Academy course | Setting up the Conditional Logic


Thinking to bring contextualized experiences to your user? Then take advantage of this video tutorial in our Academy! Follow our simple, straightforward tutorial to learn how to set up a Conditions block with the 6 different operators using Landbot no-code chatbot builder.
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🎓 New Academy course | How to Embed - Webflow

Thinking of adding a chatbot on your Webflow website? Follow our simple, straightforward Academy tutorial to do a Webflow chatbot embed in 4 different formats using Landbot no-code chatbot builder👇

☑️     Display chatbot as a pop-up (covers most of the page when activated) and live chat (covers a small section in the right corner of the webpage)
☑️     Offer live chat on every page of your website
☑️     Embed chatbot in the section of the page of your choice
☑️     Display a full-page chatbot

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Landbot Updates | January 2021


Landbot Updates👉  This month we bring a big new integration as well as some changes and improvements to the app. Let's get into it! 🙌  ⬇️

1️⃣  Calendly Integration → Calendly let's you schedule meetings with your users without ever leaving the conversation with the chatbot. 🗓

2️⃣  New Preferences page → Where you can: Select the Time Zone; Choose in which format you want to display the dates and times; and Set the assignation rules for the Chats section, when an agent is offline. ⚙️

3️⃣  Buttons improvements → In the block’s configuration we have a new option to Randomize the order of the buttons; and In the Multiple Choices option, now you can set the minimum and maximum number of options. 👀

4️⃣  New Arrow Animation → When you put the mouse over an arrow you’ll see its direction easily. This is especially helpful when your bots are getting more complex! 🏹

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👨‍🎓 New Academy course | How to Embed - WordPress

Interested in integrating a WordPress Chatbot? Follow this simple, step-by-step video tutorial from Landbot Academy to do a WordPress Chatbot embed in 4 different formats using Landbot:

☑️    Display embed option using the custom HTML Widget from WordPress
☑️    Full-page WordPress chatbot in one of your website pages
☑️    Display chatbot as a pop-up and live chat
☑️    Display chatbot as a live chat widget in the corner on all pages

If you want to check the full text explanation, click on this article👇

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Landbot Updates | December 2020


Landbot Updates👉 This month we bring some new improvements as well as some changes to the app. Let's get into it! 🙌 ⬇️

1️⃣ Knowledge Center → Landbot’s new support ecosystem for makers! It’s divided into three different sections: The Knowledge Base,  where you can access hundreds of support articles. The Academy where you can see and learn from videos tutorials. And lastly the Community, a place where makers from all around the world can share tips and advices on bot-building, discuss, learn and grow! Join the conversation! 💪

2️⃣ Multiple Files Upload → Have you ever needed to let users upload more than one file at a time? Now it’s possible! Users will be able to upload up to 6 files at once, and each file has a size limit of 10MB.
This feature is only for web chatbots, however, for Facebook and WA, we’ve added the possibility to customize the validation error message, which previously wasn’t possible 😊

3️⃣ Change of the Design in Colors & Shapes section → Now when you create a new bot, there is a first step for the Global colors. Here you can set up the main colors in just a few clicks, and then continue to the advanced customization. So, every time you go back to the bot you are going to find the Advanced settings 🎨

4️⃣ Improvements on Chats section → Now you can mention your teammates with the @ symbol when adding private notes in the conversation. Also, now you’ll be able to send the transcription of the conversation to the custom email address 💬
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Landbot Updates | November 2020

Landbot Updates👉  In addition to the tools we had before, here’s a summary of the new features and improvements on Landbot⬇️

1️⃣  Extra fields in the Picture choice block: We have added a “footer” to the picture choice cards for extra information. You can add a title, description, highlighted text, and customize the text of the button. 🤩

2️⃣  Multiple Choice in the Buttons block: Now the Multiple Choice within the Buttons block is compatible with images, emojis and icons. There’s no checkbox anymore, and the overall behavior of the button’s color has improved. 🙌

3️⃣  Developers tools: In the Integration section we have added a new Developers section. Also, the new Message Hooks, that allows you to be notified of events, messages and actions that are triggered when a user interacts with one of your bots. 🤓

4️⃣  Autoscroll: Fixed scroll behavior in the Buttons block when there are a lot of different options. 🚀

5️⃣  More system messages customizable: We’ve added more options to customize, such as the Stripe pay button, Human Takeover assignation message, and agent profile text. 🙋‍♀️

We will make more changes and improvements in the future, but for now, we hope you enjoy our latest updates 🎉
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Introduction to Formulas | Academy


Learn to use Formulas, a feature that allows you to make complex operations with values inside Landbot like you would do in Google Sheets or Excel and store the result in the outcome variable.

Before these types of operations were only possible using Javascript or external APIs. Now, thanks to Landbot's Formulas, you can perform a variety of operations such as conditioning format of user input fields, sum values, split data, and much more.

While this is one of the advanced features Landbot has to offer, it's also one of the most powerful as it enables no-code makers to create complex solutions before achievable only through coding. 
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Marcos Obed | The Landbot Scoop


This week’s episode of The Landbot Scoop features Marcos Obed, Director of Conversational Services at Everis for all of Europe which includes anything from contact centers to virtual assistants, smart speakers, and apps. He shares his opinions about the influence of covid on the industry as well as the challenges that lie ahead👇

🎤   "Natural language is one of the most important challenges... The challenges are not technical. The technology is relatively mature in order to implement very strong chat and voice bots... the most challenging part is designing channel conversations.”

🎤   "Marketing department is an important part of the [chatbot development] process.”

🎤   "Controversial opinion? This topic is more related to ethics and bias. But in the end, to avoid these controversial situations, we need to tell our customers that they are interacting with a machine and be very straightforward with them; we need to transmit emotions in order to engage with them and we need to consider all the possible customers.”
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Preview & Share | Builder Essentials | Academy


Master the essential elements of Landbot's no-code chatbot builder and become a skilled chatbot designer in minutes. Episode 4 "Preview & Share" shows how to preview your chatbot at every step of the development process. There are two ways to go about it:

Option 1:
👉  Click on the SAVE button in the upper right corner of the canvas
👉  Then click preview to interact with your creation from the end-user’s perspective

Option 2:
👉  Click on the SAVE button in the upper right corner of the canvas
👉  Go to the navigation bar on the top of the screen and select SHARE
👉  Click SHARE WITH A LINK and OPEN next to the bot URL
👉  A new tab will open and you can interact with your bot

The difference? Option number 1 happens inside the builder and so you cannot test if the data is being captured correctly. Option number 2 provides you with a link to the final shareable link of your bot meaning the data from the test interaction will appear in the analytics.

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