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17 seconds to load my Landbot

Hi everyone, I have a launch in 6 hours with Bot that took me 3 days to build and is now ready but, the bot takes 17 seconds before the first screen actually loads.

Try it out for yourself

Where or why can this happen? Any idea how to speed it up?

I've been using Landbot for 3 years without problems but this def hurts my conversions 🤓...



Sync Data with Variables gone wrong

When getting data from the Autopilot API using Landbot.io, my custom fields keep changing. This makes it impossible to build my system...

What am I missing?

Here is an example:
When I load user A out of my Autopilot API. I get the picture below as the output.

Please note the naming on @date_of_birth = 'custom_field_39.value'.

custom_field_39.value is aggregated based on the total custom fields pulled in from the API. 

This is what I see in the JSON output after getting the data from the Autopilot API.

     "kind": "Date of birth",      
     "value": "1991-01-08T00:00:00.000Z",
      "fieldType": "date"    

Instead of a fixed name, it becomes a dynamic number (custom_field_39.value), based on the total custom fields for that specific user.

This means that the data does not get synched with my variables properly and I have no idea how to fix it.

Not sure where this happens (Autopilot or Landbot) but, I asked both parties, and now wait...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🤓

Save response as variable is not working

Hi Landbotters,

I've been using Landbot a lot in the past 3 years and mostly manage to fix any errors, and often it's me who did something wrong.

However, I'm stuck here as my Variables pulled in by webhook, don't save.

After getting the data, and saving them in custom variables I test the output here:

This is what it looks like 'in action' and inside the bot/webhook

I even added a custom variable before the event (Change of coming = 0) to validate that its actually working.

The problem is, my response is not saved into a variable.

What can I try next?

What platform does Landbot use for this community?

I love how easy it is (as always) to read this community and learn.

What platform do you use? 
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How do you create smart conversation with AI / Deep Learning in Landbot?

I'm looking around at trends and I love the idea of building a knowledge-based bot that can answer any question it learns over time.

I tried a lot of bot builders and Landbot is the most exciting, fun, and function no-code tool I use. It's a pleasure to work with but I don't understand the AI part...

I consider switching to a simpler solution to compliment Landbot but I don't want to have more tools...

Here are my questions
How do you use it?
Do I connect it through an API? Where does it live?

Can you train it?
This would allow my team to feed customer support questions and answers so users never have to wait and new support reps easily find answers.

Any tutorial you know to get started?

Thanks :-)
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