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Tech ⚡️ CareerFinder

Meet CareerFinder 👋 It's an interactive bot where students can discover their dream tech career based on their interests.
Now featured on Product Hunt.

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Landbot Community on ClubHouse

A new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-​time. This is what Clubhouse and which is a trending social media app now. 

I have created a club for landbot community on Clubhouse. 
I invite all landbot community members to join the Landbot Community Club on ClubHouse. I hope this will be a good opportunity to learn and discuss how to build a no code chatbot.
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Multi-Colour Buttons Workaround

With this custom css code you can give different colours to the button block.

Step 1 : Copy the button block reference.

Step 2 : Open the Custom CSS from design tab.

Step 3 : Copy paste the code given below in custom CSS session.

[data-block="Nknzr0g6i_0"] .buttons button:first-child {
    background: brown!important;

[data-block="Nknzr0g6i_0"] .buttons button:nth-child(2) {
    background: red!important;

[data-block="Nknzr0g6i_0"] .buttons button:nth-child(3) {
    background: yellow!important;

[data-block="Nknzr0g6i_0"] .buttons button:nth-child(4) {
    background: green!important;

[data-block="Nknzr0g6i_0"] .buttons button:nth-child(5) {
    background: blue!important;

Note: In the above css code use your button block reference.
Replace that part with your button block reference.
[data-block="Your_Reference_Here_0"] .buttons button:first-child {
    background: brown!important;

I hope this will be helpful. Thank You! Stay Safe!
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Building A Lead Gen Bot Only Using my Phone

I simply tested out on building a simple lead generation bot from my mobile and it was quite successful. 
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WhatsApp Food Ordering Bot Demo

This is a demo project i have done for a restaurant client. Made with landbot and airtable.
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What you think about this video call function in Landbot?

I have recently added a new video call feature to one of my demo LP chatbot project.

What do you think about this feature in a chatbot? 
Check out the demo project in
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Sharing one of our successful online campaign bot

We have created this timer online quiz as part of a new campaign we did for a client. Objective of this campaign is to collect qualifiable leads and provide an engaging activity for the audience. So those who score above 15 out of 20, in this quiz from this list one lucky winner will get a cash price. Luckily we could successfully complete this campaign.

Campaign Stats:

Total Chats: 962
Finished: 629
Leads: 629
Cost per Lead: Rs. 6 per Lead

I will share the copy of my original project here. I hope this will give you some ideas for doing online campaigns like this. 

Thank You @Pau Sanchez for helping in developing this code. 

Project Name: Mind Scribbles

Bot link---->

You can check out my other projects here ---->
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Developed my Personal Brand Landing page in Landbot

I have developed my personal brand website in Landbot. Please take a look at my chatbot portfolio. 
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I made my first VPN bot using Landbot

Now I have my own VPN. I had been working on this for a while ever since PUBG got banned in India.

Now I have developed a VPN bot, with this chatbot you can access a free VPN Server hosted in the US region. Best recommended for journalists, gamers, and those who love privacy and secure connection.

I'm using the Outline Open source Client Software for running the VPN server.

This project is still on beta testing and I'm not sure how many users can hold right now.

You can check out my other projects here ---->
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