Need pricing, but sales isn't interested?

We're in a time crunch and need pricing and presales info from LandBot. Unfortunately, there's no way to connect with the sales team without scheduling demos a week out. No sales email, no phone number.

LandBot is unique and there aren't really any alternatives, but lack of any support whatsoever is highly dissapointing.

Is there anyone from LandBot that will help?

Is it possible to deep link or pass parameters by querystring?

Facebook bots have ref URLs that can deep link to a flow, so is there a way in LandBot to trigger a specific flow form a URL or pass parameters into the bot via querystring?

Web Push Notifications?

Is there a way to use push notifications to get users back into the bot?

Migrating from ManyChat/Facebook to LandBot Questions

Hi all, glad to be here! Well, With Facebook being as nasty as it's been lately, we're seeking a social platform-free bot we can use for product coupon redemptions.

We've got a lot of tagging and logic already built in ManyChat and we're going to need the same kind of flow and functionality.

Is this possible in LandBot?