Patrick BEQUET

I try to do my best !
Hi  Riccardo Pagano  ,

I use this feature (issuing a unique code) and indeed I take the email address as a verification trigger. The good news is that we only need the Google Sheet integration, nothing else 😀
but if you don't ask your bot users for their email address I have no solution for you 🥴
well, a solution that limits the duplication of emissions and uses... it's a bit complicated but it works very well !!!
Hi  Mike , I didn't manage to use it again, it's a really complex function ! 😅
Hello  Aysel Yılmaz  , you can just put a ckeckbox (mandatory) "I have read and accept your legal information". 
 Sahar Weinberg  give me this tips, and I thank him !!
Hi  Keep Innovations  if you want to hash a password you have to put this code in a question block:
document.querySelector('input[name="name of your variable"]').type = "password"
and that's it ! 😀
Hi, I'm working with this workaround for severals hours and I've got a problem with it... Did you manage to solve the problem of using the unique ID of the timeout which prevents the reuse of the same flow because if you make a loop with the same flow the time's up starts before you can see the proposed answers ?
Thanks for your help ! 😜