Riccardo Pagano

CEO AdventureVue
Hi there, I am Ric! If you like games and chatbot we are on the good path to become best friends. At AdventureVue we organize scavanger hunts managed via a chatbot.

Dynamic Background (mobile)

Hello there,

I have been following this guide for dynamic background images on my bot
This works great on desktop but can't make it work on mobile. How do I specify that the provided URL image should also replace the background pic on mobile?

Landbot Demo Day (proposal)

Last week I attended the Bubble Demo Day, presenting 10 companies that prototyped super fast using bubble and showcased their webapp.

I thought that it would be supercool if Landbot did something similar, showing all the cool use cases that our community is building. 
Like 2-3 weeks program:
-week 1 analyze the current state of your bots (is there something you can do more efficiently or that you can add)
-week 2 implement
-week 3 prepare for demo day pitch

What do you guys think? Personally, I got much closer to bubble thanks to these initiatives and the tutorials for "making clones of other apps". People approaching landbot probably don't have enough resources to understand the great things and use cases you could achieve with the platform. I think the stories of the people in this community can help a lot the incomers to visualize the end product. 
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CSS help! Can't change my datablocks

Hello Landbotters,

I am sure some of you knows what I am doing wrong. I am just getting started with editing the CSS of my bot.

If you check the code on the left the welcome message was supposed to get bold. I already clicked APPLY, but seems like I just don't manage to change anything in my blocks. I tried many others, like padding, uppercase. I just don't get to change anything. What am I doing wrong?

Screenshot attached

Distribute one-time passwords (coupon codes)

Hello there, did anyone ever provide unique coupon codes via their chatbot?

It's hard to manage these two things:
-randomize the code and 
-also make sure we don't provide the same code twice... 
I guess I would need a zapier integration to delete the code from the spreadsheet

Or is the only alternative to get their email and have a mailchimp integration sending the code via some external provider?
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A landbot in the email body

Is it really a terrible idea to have javascript into the body of an email?

I am looking at a way to embed one of my bots into a block of mailchimp for my campaign. Anyone else did something similar? Doesn't work with the major email providers when my respondents open the mail?

Let me know!

Try my chatbot scavenger hunt!

Hi there,

I created a scavenger hunt based on Rick and Morty theme. I'd be happy if you guys play it too.

Enjoy here

Also, I am creating an interface on bubble for anyone to be able to create a story like this. Feedbacks are welcome. Especially the criticisms.

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Unset variables

Hi there! I am retrieving data from an Airtable base and I have to loop the same process for a variable number of time.

What happen is that if one of the fields was present in one of the repetition, but not in the next one the webhook would not overwrite the variable.

row 1 name john age 12 -> row 1 name john age 12
row 2 name empty age 13 -> row 2 name john age 13

As you can see it would carry on the variable. Is there any smarter way to unset the variable than assigning a special value at the beginning of the loop and then having a condition block? 

Let me know if you had a similar problem and found a workaround!

This is how you can check if variable ISEMPTY with formulas

I decided than when I learn something new I will share with the community here. 

My goal: I needed to retrieve data from cells on a spreadsheet and, based on whether the cell was empty or not, write it down or move to the next variable.

First attempt: There is no ISEMPTY function withing the formula range of options, so I tried to use LENGTH and then follow-up with a condition checking if that was higher than 0. It almost worked, but there was a problem: the length of an empty variable is not 0, it is nothing.

Solution: Matching LENGTH with the condition IS SET worked just fine, instead of greater than 0
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Anything for having audio automatically starting in the background a specific points of the flow?

Does anyone else tried to have an audio customization? I am doing dynamic background change and I would like to match it with an audio track starting with the same trigger of the background change

Is this a thing?