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Landbot Data Processing: Where is it done?

Asier posted
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Hey, crazy thing I found today, I was embedding my live chat bot and by curiosity I clicked on "Improve SEO...

Arturo posted
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Back button always here

Sofía replied
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Sofía replied
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Adicionar maskmoney em campos do tipo "price"

Sofía replied
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Can't Find Java/Code Block

Arturo replied
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Hello, everyone!! 👋🏻 As many of you know, we have improved our Custom Goals feature, e.i. Now you can cre...

Mike replied
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Today I'm on stage where I explore different chatbots for our website and landbot is absolutely the winner ...

Sofía replied
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This Monday morning I had a problem with Google SpreadSheet and one of the support team, , told me to delet...

Nicolás replied
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Message templates

Sofía replied
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I love Landbot ❤️ Last week I was really upset because I didn’t know how to make my conditions work correc...

Sofía replied
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Integrations with Landbot

Rafaela replied
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Blueprint feature. Sometimes we need translate bots for more languages. In these cases, get the bot texts i...

Rafaela replied
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Bot History and Staging

Rafaela replied
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Feedback About This Community

Dilyara replied
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How to embed landbot on clickfunnels, highlevel, other page builder

Abby replied
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Some trouble with using Design Settings after duplicating v1 bot to v3

Dilyara replied
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What app would you like to integrate with Landbot?

Rafaela replied
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